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Two types of LED lighting easy to break before the
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Date: 2019-10-01
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In recent years, the traditional household building materials industry, including lighting industry, business is not easy to do. In terms of macro environment


In recent years, the traditional household building materials industry, including lighting industry, business is not easy to do. In terms of macro environment, the current economic situation is indeed unsatisfactory. Applying the stock market theory, it is called: adjustment of the market, small shocks.

Of course, there are undeniable reasons for the industry environment. As a traditional industry, lighting in China is not original enough and copying from each other is more serious. Those manufacturers with craftsmanship spirit and elaborate products often lose the incentive to persevere in R&D and upgrading. This will inevitably lead to the category of lighting, trapped in endless price competition of homogenization.

In the era of mobile interconnection, to some extent, it is an opportunity to re-shuffle. Every enterprise stands on the same starting line and faces the same opportunities and challenges.

In the era of mobile interconnection, there are three opportunities and challenges

First: C2B

With the help of Internet big data and information tools, C2B mode becomes feasible. The so-called C2B is private customization. The elegant point is to precisely lock their target customers and provide one-to-one solutions based on database.

Second: fragmentation

Marketing channels, dissemination and promotion of the Internet. Dissemination of fragmentation, channels of fragmentation and personalized interaction are the characteristics of the era of mobile interconnection.

Third: Intelligence

Intelligent house, including lighting, of course. Lighting lighting is not only the function of traditional lighting, but also the cutting and distribution of light to space. Future lighting is the expression of emotion, experience and aesthetic art. It can actively perceive people's emotional "joy, anger and sorrow" intelligent emotion.

In the era of mobile interconnection, there are two types of enterprises which are easy to break the ice for lighting.

One is to be a platform.

Platform enterprises create a business model, such as Euro * Lighting, which is transforming from traditional manufacturing enterprises to platform enterprises. With brand and channel advantages, more product lines are implanted and integrated. With the help of capital, more product lines and more channels are used. For example, a company's O2 O cloud platform integrates more than 100,000 electricity payrolls nationwide to create community home decoration micro-marketing.

Platform is easier said than done. It is relatively easy for leading enterprises in the industry to grow into platform-based enterprises because they have brand advantages, channel advantages and grafting capital advantages. In the era of mobile interconnection, platform-based enterprises have the characteristics of winner-take-all. So even today's industry giants may be cut from the edge, with the help of capital and financial leverage, by virtue of the advantages of the model by the third party to subvert.

Another is making explosives.

Some enterprises focus on the style, design and original style of products, locate in a certain field or even a single product, and create the so-called "explosion" of perfect solutions. In the era of mobile interconnection, those enterprises with craftsmanship spirit who treat products as "works" are more likely to stand out with the help of third-party platforms.

The original enterprise with craftsmanship spirit can easily have its own place in the era of mobile interconnection. They either have very competitive products, or have very creative user solutions, or rely on the advantages of capital and technology to achieve the best price performance of products, and with the help of the Internet platform to show their strength. As far as marketing is concerned, "soLomoPo Solomon Model" may be a reliable model of Internet marketing for lighting traditional enterprises (mobile phone + social platform + localized consumption + experience store)

Lighting owners in the era of mobile interconnection must move from behind the scenes to the front desk. As far as products and services are concerned, he is a craftsman with a strict pursuit of details. For the brand, he is the image spokesman. For enterprises, he is a spiritual leader, a preacher and a spokesman. For employees, he is a business partner.

"This is the best and worst era." There is no evergreen tree in the mobile Internet era. Every enterprise is walking on thin ice, like facing the abyss. Today's winners, industry giants, may in the near future be gradually subverted by marginal entrants outside the industry. Today's small and micro enterprises rely on product or mode innovation, barbaric growth, but also a moment to become bigger and stronger. Or enterprises with capital and technology advantages outside the industry, with the help of third-party platform of mobile interconnection, are likely to make waves in the lighting industry.

The prelude has been opened and a good play is on. Who is the king of competition in the era of mobile internet, let's wait and see!

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